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Though we are a young farm, we are third and fourth generation Texans.  And as Texans, we feel it is our responsibility to show others how to be self-sufficient, and to apply that self sufficiency to our own lives as well.  

Konigswald Farms is a modest 17 acre, first generation farm in Industry, Texas, just south of Brenham.

As first generation farmers, we have learned much through trial and error. Though it was a rough start, we quickly learned that farm life means problem solving, innovation, and adaptation. We also adopt an attitude of affirmative responsibility with our land and property, always ensuring solid fences and infrastructure, safe terrain, and a healthy vitality in the soil we use for our crops. Though we have all read an abundance of books on farming and farm life, we must also admit that hundreds of hours were spent online. However, we also follow the golden rule: “When you don’t know, ask.” To this end we have been lucky to be part of a charitable and friendly community with neighbors more than willing to lend a hand or give advice when needed.




We are a dedicated livestock and produce farm, providing high quality beef, eggs, and seasonal produce to consumers in our community, stretching from Brenham to Houston.

We treat all of our animals with kindness and compassion, providing them with a low-stress environment while ensuring their optimum health and safety.


From Our Farm To Your Table: Experience the Excellence of Konigswald Farms!

All our Dexter cattle are grown using a grass-based diet, supplemented with hay grown and bailed on our own pastures, and locally sourced feed from Brenham, Texas when the cows need it most.

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